Some attributes
First Age: 17
Second Gender: Female
Third Occupation: Student
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: Japanese
Fifth Origin: Kingdom Hearts
Sixth Played by: Roxam
Xion (born 8 August 1996), human, is a junior at Nintendo High School and cousin of Kairi. Xion cares deeply for her friends, and will stand up for them when she feels they're being attacked.

History (Pre High School Days)Edit

High School DaysEdit


  • Period 1 - History
  • Period 2 - English
  • Lunch
  • Period 3 - Astronomy
  • Period 4 - Algebra 2


While she was Vanitas's boyfriend, Xion had a reserved personlity, keeping her feelings and thoughts to herself, and not speaking up when she was aware of the plan Astral and Vanitas had for Peppy. After meeting Vanellope von Schweetz and breaking up with Vanitas, Xion began to be more open about her feelings and thoughts. Xion cares deeply for her friends, and dislikes it when they risk their well-being for her.


Physically, Xion strongly resembles her cousin Kairi in appearance, having her blue eyes virtually the same face. Xion's hair is short and black. When not wearing the Nintendo High School uniform, Xion simply wars a black coat.