The S-Types
Some attributes
First Founded: Unknown
Second Leader: ?????? ?????????
Third Headquarters: Unknown
Other attributes
The S-Types

History (Pre High School Days)Edit

High School DaysEdit


The Crystal Order

  • Astral Praenunitus "The S-Type"
    • Astral Praenunitus-S
  • Inferno Obitus
  • Eggplant Tempura Wizard

The Rhytmn Rogues

  • Groove Master-D

Pavor Noctunus

  • Nightmare

Lesser S-Types

  • Water Galboros-S
  • Dubior-S
  • Tanuki Dogoo-S
    • Giga Tanuki Dogoo-S
  • King Lakitu-S
    • Spiny-S
  • Jet Bob-Omb-S
  • Galaga Squadron-S
    • Galaga Drone-S
    • Galaga Elite-S
    • Galaga Leader-S

  • ????????????

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