"Pictures in My Head" is a song sung by Kermit the Frog after Bonnie, Clemont, Sweetie Belle, and Pipsqueak inform him of Tex Richman's plan to demolish the Muppets Japan Theater. During the song, Kermit reminisces about the Muppet gang, and is joined in the song by old pictures of the Muppets that come alive (including Fozzie, Gonzo, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, and The Swedish Chef).


Kermit: Is there more I could have said?

Now they’re only pictures in my head.

That’s why my green is feeling gray

Sometimes even frogs have rainy days.

Remember when the stage caved in while you were rocking out?

Who’d have thought your smorgasbord would be hard to live without?

If we could do it all again, just another chance to entertain

Would anybody watch or even care?

Or did something break we can't repair?

Your cannonball trajectory, it always gave me hope.

They may have been un'bear'able, but I still loved your jokes

Is there more I could have said?

Now they’re only pictures in my head.

Fozzie: I didn't do it, I've been framed! Ah! Wocka-wocka!

Gonzo: Gonzo the Great will ride this baby again!

Swedish Chef: Des ferda shun do urg es furn de chicken!

Dr. Teeth: This staccato tune has posolutely most transparently bringin' me down.

Janice: For sure.

Dr.Teeth: One, two and a half...

Kermit and the Muppets: Could we do it all again, make them laugh like we did then?

Swedish Chef: *subtitled* (Back on the stage where we belong)

Kermit and the Muppets: We could harmonize for one more song.

Kermit: But I’m standing here instead. Now they’re only pictures in my head


  • This song is from the 2011 Academy Award-winning movie, The Muppets, and remains unchanged in High School Days.
  • The usage of this song in High School Days is unique in that a video was used rather than having its lyrics written, due to the fact that there were no changes to the song for the RP, and nothing in the video was contradicting to the setting or plot.

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