Some attributes
First Age: 16
Second Gender: Female
Third Occupation: Student
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: Japanese
Fifth Origin: Hyperdimension Neptunia
Sixth Played by: Nutheadbros
Neptune (born)

History (Pre High School Days)Edit

High School DaysEdit

Neptune was first spotted in the Cafeteria [Canteen] handing Yoshi and Kirby some of her own pudding, in response the two ate it up quickly. It was then that she met Mario and Luigi for the first before the duo got into a confrontation with Bowser followed by a food fight that was set off by Yoshi. It was then that the Abductors arrived and school was let out early before she decided to stay at Yoshi's house and watch the WVBA fight, after that was finished she went to sleep in a fruit chair.


  • Period 1-
  • Period 2- Gym
  • Lunch
  • Period 3 - Video Game Elements 101
  • Period 4 -




  • Neptune is based upon the unreleased Sega Neptune console.
  • Neptune has also appeared in Crossover Cove along with her sisters and friends.
  • Neptune was the third member to join the school's Cooking Club [the first two being Yoshi and Kirby]
  • Neptune has a twin in MHSD along with a large family.