History (Pre High School Days)Edit

High School DaysEdit


  • Zen Fudo (Founder and Leader)
  • Crea Dolosera (Chairwoman)
  • Leeron Littner
  • Lordgenome "Steve" Tepellin
  • Yuri Eberwein
  • Cayenne Suzushiro (Pilot Squad Leader/Aquaria M Main Pilot)
  • Andy W. Hol
  • Malloy Direzza
  • Zessica Wong (Pilot Squad Leader/Aquaria F Main Pilot)
  • MIX
  • Sazanka Bianca
  • Yunoha Thrul
  • Shrade Elan
  • Genome Tepellin
  • Doctor Saotome
  • Michiru Saotome


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