Lita Kino
Makoto Crystal Design
Some attributes
First Age: 14
Second Gender: Female
Third Occupation: Student/Sailor Jupiter
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: Japanense
Fifth Origin: Sailor Moon
Sixth Played by: WhiteRose-Aki
Lita Kino (born 5 December 1998), human, is a student at Nintendo High and a member of the Sailor Scouts, she is the scout who represent the planet, Jupiter, as Sailor Jupiter. Her tough personality often makes her classmates see her as a tough student.

History (Pre High School Days)Edit

High School DaysEdit



Lita Kino is a tomboyish teenage girl who transfers to Nintendo High School a year ago. Lita had lost her parents in a plane accident when she was younger, and lives on her own in an apartment. People are usually intimidated to approach her due to her height, tough appearance, strength, and ability to fight, and she was believed to have been kicked out of her previous school due to fighting. She also practices karate. Despite her tomboyish exterior, Lita is a kind person who enjoys cooking, gardening, flower arranging, handicrafts, and dreams to have a happy marriage and own a flower and bakery shop. Like the rest of the Sailor Senshi, her loyalty towards Serena never faltered.


Lita is a rather tall teenage girl with wavy brown hair tied up into a ponytail with a holder, green eyes, and wears pink rose earrings.

At school, she wears her old school uniform, which consists of a white, long-sleeved shirt with a brown collar, brown laces up the front, and brown cuffs. Her brown skirt is longer than the one on the Nintendo High's uniform, reaching past her knees to her shins, and it has a thin ribbon in the back. She also wears black flats for her shoes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Moon Jupiter
  • Items
    • Transformation Pen
    • Tiara
      • Thunder and Lightning Antenna
    • Leaves of Oak
    • Rose Earrings

Sailor Jupiter is one of the five original Inner Sailor Senshi of the Solar System, and was the fifth Sailor Senshi to be introduced in the manga. Her civilian identity is Makoto Kino. Her attacks are based around electricity and plants, as well as physical strength.

Sailor Jupiter has waist-length, dark brown hair in a ponytail style. She wears a dark green-colored sailor suit, with a dark green skirt and ankle boots and bright pink ribbons. Just like the other Sailor Soldiers, she wears a golden tiara on her forehead, with a circular stone of her signature color (dark green in Sailor Jupiter's case) in the center of it.

Sailor Jupiter has extremely powerful lightning/electrical-based attacks and limited control over plant life and vegetation. She can create and control pure white lightning and mold it into various shapes and forms to electrify her enemies; such as dragons. The antenna on her tiara produces extremely strong electricity, lightning bolts and thunderbolts.


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