Krim Steinbelt
Some attributes
First Age: Unknown
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: Scientist/Drive Driver
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: Japanese
Fifth Series: Kamen Rider Drive
Sixth Played by: WhiteRose-Aki

Krim Steinbelt (born unknown), belt, also known as Mr. Belt, is a former scientist and sentient A.I. belt to help young Hikaru as Drive. He and his mentor, Harley Hendrickson, know Zordon, Alpha, and Navi and hopes to help them.

History (Pre High School Days) Edit

High School Days Edit

Personality Edit

"Mr. Belt" is an elegant individual, guiding Hikaru as she adapts and learns more about being Drive. He is very smart, having been the inventor of the Drive Driver, and his intelligence manifests in often adding English to his sentences. Though he is often cool, calm and collected, he becomes hot-blooded in battle. He'll have the tendency to say "Start Your Engines!" every time Hikaru is able to enter battle.

Functionality Edit

Unlike other conventional drivers, the Drive Driver only acts as a sensor, while the actual activation for the Shift Cars are performed on the Shift Brace (シフトブレス Shifuto Buresu). This does not detract at all from Mr. Belt's role, however. He can remotely control Tridoron and the Shift Cars on his own to provide reinforcements for Hikaru.

If he needs a more "hands-on" approach to communication and reconnaissance, he can directly control Tridoron and any of the Type Change Shift Cars, excluding Shift Dead Heat. Once enough Shift Tires have been summoned by Drive, Mr. Belt can command all of them to fly towards the enemy with the command "All Tire Attack" (オールタイヤアタック Ōru Taiya Atakku).

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Belt came in as the same time as his user, Hikaru, intending to act her translator for when she uses signs language.
  • Mr. Belt, Kiriko, and Go are the only characters from Drive to appear while the user of Drive is a original character.
  • While in battle with Hikaru, Belt speaks for her to give the illusion that she can talk.

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