Karura is a Sunagakure citizen.

Birthdate: July 23

Age: 37

Gender: Female


Gaara (son)

Kankuro (son)

Temari (daughter)

Fourth Kazekage (husband)

Yashamaru (brother)


Married to the Fourth Kazekage, Karura bore Temari and Kankuro prior to being pregnant with their youngest child, Gaara.  Apparenlty, against her husbands wishes, Karura was forced to allow the tailed beast Shukaku to be sealed with in their unborn son.  However, this came at a very steep cost as Gaara's premature birth was also marked by her so-called untimely death.  With her medical team unable to do much to save her, and her heart rate falling rapidly, Karura requested to see her child.  Seeing how small and feeble the young Gaara was, Karura declared her desire to protect him at all cost as she cradled him.

Karura's death was narrowly escaped by sheer luck.  Though the Fourth kept up the pretense that she had died in order to control her brother, Yashamaru and later Gaara.  She remains within the hospital Yashamaru works at, in a distant wing, recooperating still from the shock of a premature birth and the overwelming power of Shukaku.


Karura is a kind and gentle woman who cares deeply for her children and family.  She has a strong belief that wrongs can be undone with good deeds.


Karura has shoulder-length, sandy brown hair which frames her kind-looking face and indigo-colored eyes.  She wears a simple outfit along with a long, light yellow scarf draped loosely around her neck.


  • Karura's name is written with three kanji: the kanji for "to add," "to increase" (加), the kanji for "flow," "stream" (流), and the kanji for "gauze" (羅). The last kanji is the same as the final kanji in Gaara's name and can be taken as an abbreviation of the word "carnage" (修羅, shura) or the word "Mara" (魔羅, Mara; a Buddhist demon that personifies the "death" of spiritual life). Together, the name can be interpreted as "the demon who adds to the flow [of sand or hatred]".

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