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Some attributes
First Age: ??
Second Gender: ??
Third Occupation: None
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: None
Fifth Origin: Pokemon
Sixth Played by: Roxam
Jigglypuff (unknown birth-date), is a wild Pokemon that travels all around the world, finding groups of individuals to sing to. However, it always puts listeners to sleep whenever it sings, enraging Jigglypuff time and time again.

High School DaysEdit

After the Battle of Toshima, Jigglypuff noticed Anthony walking towards the battlesite, and followed him, noticing the large number of government agents present. It then sang to Anthony and the government agents, and as expected, all fell asleep, angering Jigglypuff, who doodled on all their faces before leaving the scene.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jigglypuff is best known for its ability to put others to sleep whenever it sings. It could also get quite violent at times, using Pound and Double Slap on those it wishes to harm.


Jigglypuff is shaped like a round ball, with pink skin, large blue-green eyes, catlike ears, and a tuft of fur on its forehead. Its skin is rubbery and stretchy. It can inflate its body like a balloon, or flatten its body. Jigglypuff is also never seen without its marker it uses as a microphone.


Jigglypuff is characterized by its sassy attitude and love of attention. Jigglypuff is also quick-tempered, ending potential friendships with those who upset it. Whenever it sees that its song puts its listeners to sleep, it would inflate angrily, making a distinctive "honk" sound, then doodle over the faces of its audience with its marker.

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