"In My Life" is a duet song sung by Marius and Brock after the former lays his eyes on Cosette for the first time. The song serves to exhibit Marius's feelings upon seeing Cosette, while also exhibiting Brock's confusion at how his friend (and himself) was acting.


Marius: In my life

She has burst like the music of angels

The light of the sun

And my life seems to stop

As if something is over

And something has scarcely begun

My dear Brock, you're the friend who has brought me here

Thanks to you I am at one with the Gods and Heaven is near!

And I soar through a world that is new that is free...

Brock: Every word that he says is now confusing me...

Oh my God

I'm actually singing just like him

I'm actually singing just like him

Guess I should... be leaving...

Marius: In my life

There is someone who touches my life

Waiting near

Waiting here


  • The song itself is a shortened parody of In My Life from the Les Misérables musical, serving the same purpose of showing Marius express his feelings after seeing Cosette for the first time.
  • While the original version of In My Life involved Eponine singing about how Marius doesn't see her anything more than a friend, the HSD version has Brock singing instead (intended to be more comedic) about how confused he was at the way Marius was acting, and why he was singing for no reason.

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