Some attributes
First Age:
Second Gender: Female
Third Occupation:
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: Gamindustri [Originally]/Japanese [Currently]
Fifth Origin: Hyperdimension Neptunia
Sixth Played by: Nutheadbros
Histoire (born)

History (Pre High School Days)Edit

Histoire was originally born on a chain of islands called Gamindustri where she was considered to be its ruler, things ran smoothly on the peaceful island chain until 1983 when an evil witch named Arfoire came along and proceeded to take over forcing Histoire to quickly abandon her post and run away by boat, it was then that the young girl stumbled across Japan on her travels and proceeded to dock herself on the edge and started to wander about lost.

After some time Histoire eventually got into Tokyo and tried to find a place to live only to find out her money wasn't she went and applied for Japanese citizenship and converted her money to enough yen to afford a small apartment [1LDK] before she got a job as a secutary down at one of the larger japanese electronic companies, she quickly rose about in ranks due to her charming nature and the fact that everyone thought she was "Kawaii" leading to some confusion for the blonde-haired girl.

She eventually came across a worker who seemed to be rather nice gentleman before the two hit it off and started to talk to each other, it was then followed by a blossoming romance, dating, and eventually moving in together where they made love for the first time, nine months later Histoire gave birth to two beautiful blue-eyed girls...only the couple couldn't afford to take care of both of them and placed one of them up for adoption.

The two climbed up through the ranks and made more love over the years as they made more girls, although three other girls were put up for adoption due to the state of the house at the times of their birth and the little family of ten moved into a bigger house up on a grassy hill and the girls grew up...although things were about to be shaken up.

One night Histoire was working late when she got a phone call from Vert who said that Ram and Rom were crying their eyes out and Blanc, Neptune, and Nepgear had been trying to comfort them to no avail causing the mother of eight to rush home quickly only to find out that Ram and Rom saw their father with a tanned blonde woman making noises in Histoire's own bed causing the mother to run up and find her husband making love with her sister Croire causing the mother to get into a furious rage and order her husband out along with Croire as well. Finally the now-single mother proceeded to comfort the smallest twins before proceeding with the divorce and child-support claims on her former husband.

High School DaysEdit