800px-Mairin Chespie
Some attributes
First Age: ??
Second Gender: Male
Third Occupation: None
Other attributes
Fourth Nationality: None
Fifth Origin: Pokemon
Sixth Played by: Roxam
Harry (unknown birth-date), is Manon's Chespin, who is never seen far from Manon, accompanying her wherever she goes. Harry is known to act very much like his trainer, and often has to help Manon out whenever she clumsily falls.

High School DaysEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The shell on the back of Harry's head can be used for protection against powerful attacks. It can also be used for attack when Harry stiffens the quills on it. Harry's current known moves are Vine Whip, Pin MIssile, and Toxic.


Like all other Chespins, Harry is a bipedal, mammalian creature. He has a light brown front with dark brown arms and three triangular markings on his face. There is a tough, green shell covering Harry's back, which extends from his head to halfway down his tail. There is a small, off-center hole in the shell on the back of Harry's head. Around the face, the shell has four leaf-like spikes, and one split into three parts on the back of Harry's head. Harry's oval eyes are brown, and he has a triangular red nose and rodent-like incisors. His arms have three fingers, while his feet have two long claws. The visible part of Harry's tapered tail is orange.



  • The name Harry is a play on words on Harry's Japanese name, Hari-san.
  • Harry apparently knows how to play a violin.

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