"Be Prepared" is a song sung by Al Mualim and other members of the Crystal Order after the 2013 Japanese election for prime minster. The song serves as a villain song for Al Mualim, where he reveals to his followers his plot to have current prime minster, Harriet Jones, killed in order for Harold Saxon to get the position faster and finally able to move forward with the Crystal Order's plan for the world.


Al Mualim: I know that your levels of impatience

Are high and completely justified

But keen as you are, pay attention!

My words are a matter of pride

It's clear from your curious expressions

You're all wondering what is next

We are talking worldwide successions

Even you can't be caught unimpressed!

So, prepare for the chance of a lifetime

Be prepared for sensational news

A shining, new era Is tiptoeing nearer

Cassidy: And when do we feature?

Al Mualim: Just listen to teacher

I know you've all waited

But you'll be rewarded

When at last, we are given our dues

And injustice deliciously squared

Be prepared!

Butch: Yeah, be prepared! We'll be prepared! For what?

Al Mualim: For the death of Harriet Jones!

Butch: Why? Is she sick?

Al Mualim: No, fool, we're going to kill her. After which, according to the Japanese constitution, should a sitting prime minister die after an election and before inauguration day during their final term, the person who won the election will then immediately become prime minster of the country. Meaning, Harold Saxon will officially become prime minster much sooner, and then we'll finally be able to conquer the world and establish the utopia I have promised each and every one of you!

Cassidy and Butch: Yay! All right! Hail the Crystal Order!

Crystal Order Members: Hail the Crystal Order! Hail the Crystal Order!

Cybermen: It's great that Earth will be connected

With an order that will be adored

Al Mualim: Of course, quid pro quo, we're expected

To take certain duties on board

The future is littered with prizes

And though we're all equal in this

The point that I must emphasize is...

Al Mualim: Traitors will be killed in an instant!!!

Al Mualim: So prepare for the coup of the millennium

Be prepared for the murkiest scam!

Crystal Order Members: Oooh... la, la, la!

Al Mualim: Meticulous planning

Tenacity spanning

Decades of denial

Is why we'll be

Saviors, undisputed

Respected, saluted

And seen, for the wonders we are!!

Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared

Be prepared!

Al Mualim and Crystal Order Members: Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared

Be prepared!


  • The song itself is a parody of the song Be Prepared from the 1994 classic, The Lion King.
  • While in the original song, Scar sees himself above his minions, in the Mario's High School Days version, Al Mualim treats all other members of the Crystal Order as equals with him, with all of them striving towards a common goal.

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